EPA's Implementation Study of the Electronics Recycling Standards

The United States Environmental Protections Agency (USEPA), through its Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery, recently released its Implementation Study of the Electronics Recycling Standards: R2 and e-Stewards.  This comprehensive and well-received study was three years in the making.  The study can be found on the EPA website.

The study states that “the Standards have brought better order; better management; and increased awareness of the environmental, health, and safety (EHS) risks associated with electronics recycling; and an improved awareness of regulatory requirements and best practices to the electronics recycling industry.”

The study is based on 39 interviews of key stakeholders and 9 “audit observations”.  It sets forth recommendations on aspects of the implementation of the certification programs that USEPA found could be improved.


Source: The R2 Update, a publication of SERI, home of the R2 Standard, sustainableelectronics.org

More information: http://www.epa.gov/smm-electronics/implementation-study-electronics-recycling-standards-r2-and-e-stewards